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A Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC)

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Illinois Masters is an umbrella club for workout groups in Illinois whose members desire to compete as one club when competing outside of Illinois. During national or out of state competitions, Illinois Masters competes as one club. To join, follow the 7 steps below under “How to Join

Why Join?

When you attend national meets, there are an abundance of unknown faces. Wouldn’t you like to go where everybody knows your name or soon will? As a group Illinois Masters stake out a place on deck and hang out together.  This will also be the place where relays are posted and you can make plans for the after swim parties. In the past, we have reserved large rooms at restaurants for dinners in which merriment has ensued.

How to Join.

  1. Click on the USMS link.
  2. Choose between “Join Now” for new members or “Renew” for existing members.
  3. Complete the personal information section.
  4. Choose “Illinois” under the category “LMSC”.
  5. Choose “Illinois Masters” under the “Clubs” heading.
  6. Select a workout group near you from the dropdown menu.
  7. Complete your registration.


Phil Dodson

Long time Masters swimmer, Phil Dodson, is the person responsible for putting the relays together a the national meet. He is also an excellent source for information about competing at the national level. He is currently the ILMSA chair.

Phil Dodson and Rowdie Gaines
susan running wearing wetsuit

Susan Scanlan

Susan is the person in charge of keeping the website up to date. Please forward any images that you would like to share from national meets attended and/or any corrections.

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