National Competitions

Short Course

Irvine Pool

William Woolett Jr. Aquatics Center
4601 Walnut Drive
Irvine, CA 92604

(949) 724-6717


April 27 – 30, 2023

Pool Description

Two 50m competition pools plus a 25yd warm-up pool.


Check out the USMS link for nearby hotels.


Porch and Swing (American)
2010 Main St.
Irvine, CA 

The Wheel of Life  (vegan Thai)
14370 Culver Drive
Irvine, CA

Habit Burger – fast food
14474 Culver Drive #A
Irvine, CA



Expect highs in the low to mid 70s. Lows. in the 50s. Typical rainfall for April is 2 days out of 30.

Long Course

selby aquatic center

Selby Aquatic Center
8501 Potter Park Drive
Sarasota, FL



August 2-6, 2023

Pool Description

Outdoor 50m eight-lane competition pool and a 25yd eight-lane warm-up pool


Owen’s Fish Camp
516 Burns Court
Sarasota, FL




Expect highs in the 90s and lows in the upper 70s with a 41% chance of rain daily.

Open Water

Del Valle, CA
Long Distance

September 16-17
Lake Mission Viejo, CA

Sprint Distance

September 16-17
Lake Mission Viejo, CA

Middle Distance

August 12, 2023

Lake Oahe, South Dakota

2-Mile Cable

June 3, 2023

Charlottesville, VA

What to expect

There will be a crowded deck and warm-up pool before the start of the meet and before the start of relays. Events held at the end of the day are less attended, especially on the last day of the meet.

For short couse meets, there will be two pool competitions going on at the same time. Make sure you report to the correct pool and lane assignment by checking with the timer in your lane. This could save you from being disqualified if you swim in the wrong place.

How long does the meet last?

All day. There will be an estimated time line. Plan on being at the pool a couple of events before yours so you have time to warm-up.

When are the results posted?

Results are promptly posted on deck as well as on line.

Can I get something to eat at the venue?

Yes, but it will be standard concession fare. I have yet to see a gourmet food truck parked outside a meet.

Will there be vendors?

Yes, expect lots of vendors. You will most likely be able to purchase a racing suit, cap, goggle or swim gadget that you have been wanting.

Is parking available?

All venues provide nearby parking, but there may be a charge.

Can anyone attend?

Anyone can swim up to three events without meeting the National Qualifying Standards. You can swim additional events if you do meet those standards.